Don’t Forget the Accessories This Fall!

Fall is easily the most colorful time of year. The leaves are changing to vivid shades of oranges, yellows, and reds, and hues of brown are everywhere. These shades, however, are not just reserved for the natural world; several designers have begun to incorporate these fabulous fall colors into their lines of apparel. This year, the catwalk is filled with models wearing orange leather jackets, red and brown fur coats, and fall-colored shoes. Of course, with vibrant new garments comes vibrant new accessories!


Fall Fashion

With fall colors comes the need for fall accessories!

One of the most timeless accessories of all time is the leather purse. Purses come in all different sizes, shapes, textures and hues. It’s only natural that high-end designers like Fossil or Michael Kors would start to make bags that would pair well with the new garments. With that new orange leather jacket goes a dark brown leather purse. A beautiful leather bag pairs up with that little red dress. If you want to stay a little more subtle with your garment, you can always use a vibrantly-colored bag to add some pop to your style. Purses don’t have to be a singular color, either! You can add a small, colored accent of fur to your piece to make it revitalize that beautiful brown mink coat you’ve been wearing for years. Or, you can always pick a multicolored or patterned bag to get maximum style from your outfit!

Purple leather bag

In addition to purses, leather wallets are also a great way to accessorize this season. While serving the essentially the same function of a purse, leather wallets are smaller and more compact. However, don’t let this deter you; wallets can give your outfit just as much pizazz! Because they are hidden away, the designs of on leather wallets are usually much bolder than their larger counterparts. This leads to more and more unique pairings with garments, which also leads to new fashion trends. Despite the differences between the two accessories, they do share one thing in common- Leather purses and wallets are the best exclamation point for your fall outfit!

Unique Wallet

Wallets can feature some truly unique designs!

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(Pictures by, Luulla, and Pinterest)