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I had not received the tracking info until just now. In the meantime, the vest was delivered at the same time. It is a perfect fit and arrived A okay. I am thrilled to have it and I thank you again for all your effort in this matter. I know it will be a huge holiday hit. Stay safe and I love my purchases from you.. You are just the best!


Thank you for the lovely work you did on my opossum jacket. If I have a change to recommend you to someone for your services, I will certainly do so.

Barbara N.,

I don't know if you saw my coat finished, but it is PERFECT! Thank you!!

Steven K.,

I searched all over Chicago for a shearling, and found the perfect one at Day Furs! My husband and I will be buying more coats here!

Nancy, Carmel, Indiana

Hi Diane. Your description did not lie, it is indeed Lovely. I really couldn’t be more pleased with the fur and your exceptional service. Now, if it could just be a bit colder so I can wear it, all would be perfect. Thank you so much!

Beth C, Chicago

Got the coat today. Beautiful, beautiful. Very comfy fit. Love it. Thanks for all your help.

Cathy, North Carolina

Just received my used shearling stroller this morning. I actually called you right after I placed my order. The coat was so inexpensive that I was concerned that it wouldn’t look good. I was going to ask you about it. However, I thought about how much I like the pre-owned mink jacket that I purchased from you last year, and decided you wouldn’t sell a poor quality coat. Well, I love the jacket. It is in great shape, not worn looking at all, and it fits! So I will be keeping this wonderful buy. I am so glad I checked your web site and saw this. Thanks for running such a quality operation!


Thank you for your prompt response. I have a chocolate brown sheepskin. This is such a beautiful color and it appears to be in great condition. I love sheepskin or the like, because they are truly warm coats and jackets. Thank you and I will look forward to my jacket.

Sylvia, Indiana