Fur Advisor

Fur Advisor

Fur is a luxurious product and owning a fur tells the world that you value your wardrobe and love to indulge. At Day Furs we believe that the entire experience of buying a new fur should match the lavish nature of fur products. There is no experience more enjoyable and pampering than working with a personal shopping advisor to choose your next fur, leather, or shearling product.

Day Furs values our customers above all else. Our commitment to service has resulted in customer loyalty that is unrivaled in the industry. We strive to make every shopping experience as personal and enjoyable as possible. Our team of personal shopping advisors is committed to helping you find the exact product you're looking for. With a little guidance, a shopping advisor will surprise you at the array of products we carry that were seemingly designed just for you.


Day Furs carries all of the top brands and luxury designer names. Each of their couture creations is gorgeous and unique. Let a personal shopping advisor introduce you to designers that you've never heard of before. You may just find the perfect handcrafted garment you've always dreamed of!

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