Fur is incredible because it can be styled in countless different ways. If you no longer love the fur you purchased 20 years ago or if the fur coat you inherited from your grandmother is just not your style, bring it into Day Furs for a complete restyle! We can take your old fur product and restyle it into a garment that you will absolutely love to wear. Email the front and back of your fur garment to for a FREE restyle consultation


Small adjustments like lowering or raising an arm hole or softening a shoulder can make a world of difference in the fit and comfort of your fur. Our master furriers can work with you to do a complete restyle your fur product. We can shear a long-hair fur like a mink or long hair beaver and create a lightweight, silky look and feel. We can also take your existing fur and knit it into a beautiful woven garment. Making your fur into a reversible garment with fabric adds versatility to your outerwear options.

Visit us today to get even more ideas on how to transform your fur product into something one of a kind that you will adore for years to come. Ask us about our complimentary, no obligation restyle clinics.