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Fur Care

Fur Care

Fur Care

Purchasing a fur, shearling, or leather product from Day Furs is an investment. As you would with any other significant purchase, it's important to take care of your fur in order to extend the life of the product. With the proper care and maintenance, your fur or shearling will look as good as the day you first brought it home for years to come. Day Furs has master furriers on staff to help you take the proper steps to maintain your gorgeous designer product. Our exemplary service doesn't end when you walk out the door with your new fur. We're here to assist you throughout the life of your fur, leather, or shearling product.

It is very important to practice seasonal maintenance with your new fur, leather, or shearling product. Your couture outerwear items will provide you years of enjoyable wear when they are professionally conditioned, cleaned and stored annually.

When the weather begins to turn warm each spring, protect your garments by storing them in the Day Furs' temperature and humidity-controlled vaults. Unfortunately, your own home can be the absolute worst place for your fur in the summer months. Our vaults can help keep your garments away from heat, normal home humidity and moths.

When you take your new Day Furs product home, be sure to hang it on the special contour hanger provided to you at the time of purchase. The one of a kind hanger is specially designed to evenly distribute the weight of the garment in order to protect the shoulder seams from strain. Please do not hang your new fur in a plastic or cloth garment bag as this will crush the fur or shearling. If your garment is ever ripped, have it mended immediately as the smallest tear can eventually lead to expensive massive repairs. Lastly, always be aware that your accessories can impact the quality of your fur product. Shoulder bags and certain kinds of jewelry can break guard hairs and cause unnecessary wear.

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