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Fur Storage

Professional Fur Storage

Professional Fur Garment Storage Services

As with any investment, it is very important to properly store your fur, shearling and leather garments annually to maintain their original softness, pliability, sheen and color. Our professionally designed vaults are secure, temperature and humidity controlled and safe from vermin and insect infestation.

Day Furs have several options to make it easy to store your garments in the spring and summer and receive them back for the fall and winter seasons, as well as to schedule cleaning, conditioning and glazing, repairs, quotes on restyles and appraisals.

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We Make It Easy For You to Store Your Fur Garments

Day Furs - Fur Storage

Step 1

Specify how many furs you would like to have stored and let us know the date that you would like them returned to you.

Day Furs - Fur Storage

Step 2

Add any additional services such as cleaning and conditioning you wish performed on your garments.

Day Furs - Fur Storage

Step 3

Pay all fees including storage, additional services and shipping conveniently online.

Day Furs - Fur Storage

Step 4

Ship us your garments for storage using the pre-paid shipping label that we provide. The garment/s will automatically be shipped back to you on the date you specified.

Straightforward and Simple Pricing

Garment Storage

$60.00 storage fee per garment. Valid for one storage season. All garments left in storage after December 31st of a storage season will be automatically re-billed for the next season.

Cleaning/Glazing & Deep Conditioning

Cleaning/Glazing - optional add-on service at only $70.00 per fur garment.

Deep Conditioning - optional add-on service at only $40.00 per fur garment.

Shearling, leather, faux, reversible, cloth and specialty items are an additional charge. Please call or text 317-844-8733 for pricing.

Pre-paid Shipping

Continental U.S. Only

Number of Garments

Total Shipping Cost (customer supplies box)

Total Shipping Cost (box/tape provided to customer for shipping)
















Covers shipping to us and includes return shipping. Maximum of 2 garments per box. All garments are shipped via UPS Ground Signture Required.

Repairs / Alterations

Upon receiving your garment(s), we will perform a complete inspection of the garment. Should we find any recommendations for service, we will send you an estimate letter for approval of our recommended services. We will not complete any additional services without your approval of this estimate.

Ready to get get started storing your fur garment/s?

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Why Store Your Furs with Day Furs?

Professional Fur Storage

Consider these advantages to storing with Day Furs versus storing in the average home:

- Our vaults limit exposure to UV light thus minimizing oxidation and color degradation
- Humidity control is used to prevent evaporation of essential oils that keep skins soft and pliable
- Temperature control maintains a uniform cool environment, reducing biodegradation reactions
- Security is ensured with alarm and video recording systems
- Exposure to infestation is eliminated through the use of a state of the art sanitation program

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Why Have Your Furs Cleaned and Conditioned?

Professional Fur Storage

As with proper storage, it is equally important to regularly have your fur, shearling and leather garments cleaned to remove dirt, dust, salt, harsh winter solvents and any accidental spills and stains. Our professionally trained staff perform cleaning and glazing of fur garments in house.

We recommend you clean at least every other year as part of the process replaces the essential oils lost to evaporation.

Below is a step by step description of the fur cleaning and glazing process.

- The garment is inspected for items left in pockets, repairs that might be needed and for stains or embedded substances
- The customer is notified for approval of any repairs or specialty cleaning recommended
- Fur garments are then exposed to a cleaning and glazing agent in a large specially designed slow tumbling machine
- Once cleaning is complete,  garments are then placed in a vacuum tumbler to remove the majority of the cleaning agent
- The remainder of the cleaning agent is removed with compressed air
- A final inspection is made and the garment is placed in storage.

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