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In order to maintain your fur, leather and other outerwear garments, it is important to regularly have them inspected and repaired if necessary. Repairs can either be proactive or restorative in nature. Proactive service is performed to prevent more extensive and costly damage and include such things as loose or damaged closures, minor tears and reattachment of linings. Restorative services include trimming out worn areas (usually on cuffs, pockets and on hemlines), replacing damaged sections of fur, replacing linings, repairing major tears and performing alterations to adjust for fit and modify style. Our master furriers and professional finishers have many years of experience in performing these services, and we also have alliances with specialists should that ever be necessary.

When you store your garments with Day Furs, your garments will be inspected and you will be contacted with an estimate for any suggested repairs.


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